East Anglian daily paper sales increases debunked

Sales of East Anglian daily newspapers are not as good as they claimed. I reported sales increases yesterday. I also pointed to the high levels of bulk sales but could not access comparative figures to show that full price sales had actually declined.

I should have waited before posting about sales of the Archant-owned titles.


Today media commentator Roy Greenslade provides the comparisons, after being taken to task over his previous report.

His new story shows that full price sales of the East Anglian Daily Times were 7.9% down in the second half of last year, compared with the same period in 2010. The Evening Star was down 10.9%, the Eastern Daily Press, 8.25% down and the Norwich Evenng News down by 13.7% instead of the 7.5% increase claimed.

These differences are considerably greater than I suspected when I wrote that the Archant titles had substantially higher bulk sales than most regional papers.

Like Roy, I will be taking Archant PR claims with a large pinch of salt in future.

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